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"I've achieved more in 6 weeks with Sally than in years of wasted gym membership.  

"I first started Sally's classes when I was in my 60s.  I am now 70 and am stronger fitter and in better shape and my cholesterol and blood pressure are under control"


"I was particularly impressed with the way Sally listened to my goals and helped me to focus on them, tailoring the exercises to my needs and with care of my (arthritic) knee.  She also wrote some mini fitness 'programmes' for me for me to use on my own incorporating a variety of exercises to stop me getting bored and giving up"

"I would never have imagined 15 minutes a day could make such a difference, I can now kneel down and it is much easier getting dressed"



“Thank you for helping me see through the overwhelming information on diet and exercise, and for giving me a sensible programme, which suits my lifestyle”  



"Really friendly, honest advice and practical too. Not 300 sit ups a day, but real exercises that are achieveable."


"A pair of trousers that used to be tight now fit! I can't believe it, makes it easier to go on"


"I know that if I don't make it for a day or even a week, not to give up, but just keep trying, and that is huge!"

"I like the flexibility of the exercises and that you let me know how I can add to them."



"Exercises are tailored to my requirements and ability and they are changed as I improve.


"Real exercises for real people!"



"I joined the class to see if I could improve the mobility in my hip, as at one point I accessed the stairs on all fours, and at times my sleep was disturbed with the pain.   After a few weeks I am walking up and down the stairs without holding on and no longer have night cramps. 

And my shape has changed, for the better!"



"I am much fitter, happier and 7lbs lighter too; your encouragement and belief in my ability was key"



"If you are looking to feel fitter and happier in your own skin and achieve long dreamed of goals, this is the place to come. Thank you for your support, advice and encouragement to achieve my first 10k race."

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