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I can offer sessions usually in your own home. If  that is not suitable for you then other venues can be arranged.

Having established your goals, I will provide advice on what lifestyle changes you may need to make and what activities you may need to undertake in order start getting fitter!


I will then help you to implement this advice and conduct sessions with you at a frequency to suit you - daily, weekly, monthly - the choice is yours.

Perhaps you will need an initial burst of support with less help later.  Maybe regular sessions over a longer term would suit you more.  Whatever your needs, I can assist you for as little or as long as you require.


I can guide you through a range of activities such as strengthening exercises, pilates, walking, running, swimming, exercises in water, stretching, weight training and body-conditioning exercises that increase your fitness levels and help lose or maintain weight.  I can also give basic nutrition and healthy eating advice. Text, telephone, skype and email support outside of face to face sessions is also provided.

My aim is to help you to lead a fitter, healthier life on your own, so apart from practical help, I can also provide written/electronic plans to help you on your way!


If you have similar goals I can also do small group sessions (up to 5) for friends. This works particularly well for Pilates and other strength and flexibility training.

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